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Inspirational session on "Sonic Interaction Design: interactive sound and everyday life"


Chaired by Karmen Franinovic

An alarm clock that you cannot hear, but still wakes you up. A shower curtain that sings along with you. Chewing gum that allows you to catch sounds that surround you and chew them into a new remixed soundscape. An umbrella that creates your personal acoustic shield. A pair of gloves that can catch the sounds, mould and sculpt them like clay... What will our interactive future sound like? What do you think the sonic world should or will become? What are you making or imagining that can be a part of this world?  Sonic Interaction Design is an interdisciplinary area of research and practice that explores ways in which sound can be used to convey information, meaning, and aesthetic and emotional qualities in interactive contexts. Recent COST ITC SID Action acts as a platform for exploration of different SID topics in the areas of design, interactive art, perception, cognition, and emotion as well as information exploration through interactive sound. These are each supported by the research and development of the new interactive technologies. The overall goal of this research is to propose and to enable new functional and aesthetic roles that interactive sound may play in the everyday experiences with artifacts, services, or environments. 


  • Daniel Hug "The Wise Bathroom: A personal place of cleansing, insight and truth"  
  • Federico Fontana, Stefano Papetti and Marco Civolani "A sonic shoe for ecological ground augmentation"  
  • Alain Crevoisier "Sonic Interaction on the Playroom Table"  
  • Sylvain Le Groux "Towards Emotion-Driven Interactive Sound Design: Bridging the Gaps Between Affect, Physiology and Sound Generation" 
  • Daniel Bisig "SoL: artificial grass that confers an acoustic memory" 
  • Martin Rumori "Enactive Soundscape Browsing in Binaural Audio Augmented Environments" 
  • Willow Tyrer "Accent GPS" 
  • Robert Annies, Kamil Adiloglu, Hendrik Purwins "Playing with Sonic Interaction Design"


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