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Inspirational session on "Visualisation of music"


Chaired by Stephan Baumann

It is easy to freak out about beautiful visualisations of music. And it is easy to forget about the same thing after 10 seconds of inital fascination. Why make some approaches sense or at least fun and others not? Good question! 

In this special session we present 3 speakers talking about their ideas and first prototypes they have developed. These proposals have been evaluated on the basis of originality, forward-thinking and their potential to generate interesting and controversial discussions. Our selection has a widespread coverage ranging from the visual augmentation of large-scale music libraries to approaches that support composers and performers in order to create interesting audiovisual mappings based on different kind of stimuli. In this way we hope to shed some new light on the potential of visualization for diverse users and different tasks within the process of creation, performance, listening and understanding. 

During the session the 3 selected contributors will have about 15 minutes of presentation and demo time. Each presentation will be followed by free-spirited discussions between presenters and the audience.



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